Christingle Service

In addition to the usual morning service today this afternoon there will be the Annual Christingle Service when the Sunday School present their nativity play to a church full of anxious Mums and Dads, grandparents and other relatives all hoping little Tommy or Freda does not forget their lines!
The Christingle service is always a special service. A sign that Christmas is almost upon us once again but I have to admit that as one of the Churchwardens I am always relieved when it’s over. As part of the service the children receive an orange with a lit candle in the middle and four dolly mixtures on cocktail sticks. The idea is to use the decorated orange as a teaching aid to help explain to children the meaning of Christmas. All those lit candles and small children! After the Christingle hymn has been sung with the main lights off so the church is illuminated just with the Christingle candles the candles are extinguished and I can breathe a little easier.
The collection is taken in aid of The Children’s Society and more can be read about the charity and Christingle here

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