EU Approvals Bill

Well, I (and more importantly St. Anne’s)  survived the Christingle service yesterday. The most worrying moment came when there was a distinct aroma of singed hair! £195 was raised for the Children’s Society.

Today, I am travelling back to Westminster for the last week before a the Christmas recess and it is a pretty typical week – Opposition Day, Prime Minister Questions and Backbench Buisiness Day. It looks like there will be a number of ministerial statements throughout the week too. The main business today is all related to the European Union including the remaining stages of the European Union Approvals Bill which authorises the Government agreeing to some pretty minor changes in the EU.

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2 thoughts on “EU Approvals Bill

  1. Excellent – glad to hear all went well at the church.
    I see your (our) boss is still struggling with the referendum ‘thing’. Suspect he’s getting nowhere. Not a snowballs chance of getting 27 others to agree. If he’s not carefull that’ll be 3 times he’s had to change the story – Strike 1) — No if’s or but’s on immigration, “down to 10’s of thousands” 2) Heathrow – “no way on his watch”. 3) significant change to our relationship (on ever closer union) Hmm

  2. Doesn’t the fact that we are agreeing to EU changes while supposedly renegotiating our relationship with the EU tell us everything we need to know about it…?

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