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Thank you to those who have contacted me to let me know they have ‘signed’ the online petition asking that Donald Trump be banned from entering the United Kingdom. Leaving aside whether he actually wants to visit the UK I do not agree he should be banned. Mr. Trump is a very wealthy businessman who has decided to seek the Republican nomination to run for President of the United States of America. He has rather bizarrely called for Muslims to be stopped from entering the States. It goes without saying that his view is ludicrous but that should not be grounds for stopping him from entering our Country if he wishes.   He could then learn about true free speech and tolerance. Hopefully he would realise that whilst it makes sense to stop those who would do us harm from entering the UK stopping law abiding adherents to a particular worldwide religion does not make sense. We believe in free speech and that means tolerating people whose views we disagree with.

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  1. Nah your right. Trump by name trump by nature – just because he’s rich doesn’t mean he’s got any common sense., ergo he’s all wind. It’s all about him marketing HIM. What he says is just plain daft. We would do better to ban or jail some of the home grown idiots – Abu Hamza types.

  2. So just because he wants to be president it is alright for him to talk hate? Or is it because he is white? Or is it because he has an English sounding name? Good job he isn’t called Obama or his hate talking would get him banned. Anyone who thinks he is actually going to learn anything from being allowed into this country is deluded. All it will teach him is that he is rich enough to do as he likes without limits.

  3. Excellent! I agree with you…

    It is bizarre that people complaining about him not letting people in are campaigning for him not to be let in!

  4. I agree with you with regards to Donald Trump. Where do you draw the line regarding the freedom of speech? Just when you agree or disagree with it?

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