Nuisance phone calls

I have been campaigning against the scourge of unwanted telephone calls for some time now. It all came about ( as most things do ) from the number of  complaints I was receiving from constituents. I was receiving a steady stream of emails from constituents saying they were simply fed up of the number of unwanted phone calls they were getting.

As we get them too, constantly, I did not take much persuading they were a real nuisance. It turned out, as again is so often the case, that others were already taking up the issue in Westminster. Indeed, the Government had asked Which? to lead a ‘Nuisance Calls and Texts Task Force’. This Task Force issued its report one year ago and I attended the launch of the report in Central London.

One year on I asked yesterday in the Commons for a statement as to what progress had been made on implementing its recommendations. Which? themselves say some good progress has been made but there most recent research shows there is still a problem with nuisance calls to mobiles increasing since 2013.

More information on the nuisance calls and advice on how to deal with them is available on the Which? website here

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