Middle East

Back to London again today and the situation in the Middle East will dominate proceedings. The main debate today is a general debate on that part of the World. The debate was scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee which I sit on.  As always happens when there is the potential for military conflict, even if as in this case it is only the extension of an existing military conflict, I have had many emails from concerned constituents. I will be replying to them all in due course.

Yesterday, after attending the Advent Service at St. Anne’s, Tottington when the First candle on the advent wreath was lit I attended a funding raising lunch organised by the Bury North Conservatives Ladies Committee. It is a common misconception that the Conservative Party simply rely on handouts a from big  business to keep us going. The reality in places like Bury and I know in most of the Country is that the volunteers have to organise a never ending programme of small fundraising events so we can pay our bills every month. It is a good thing and I never complain about attending. It certainly means I am kept in touch with what our members and often their friends and family are thinking about the issues of the day.



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