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After several days of speculation the vote on whether to extend UK air strikes into Syria looks like being held tomorrow. I understand that PMQ’s will not take place and the debate will continue to 10pm giving 10 hours of debate. I appreciate that the Leader of the Labour Party has called for a two day debate. However, in practice, taking into account the possibility of Statement and Urgent Questions and no extension to the length of the day then a two day debate might not result in any more time than will be available tomorrow.

As yet the wording of the motion has not yet been published. I will post it as soon as I have it.

I am taking part in the 64th Westminster Seminar on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure today speaking alongside the Leader of the House of Commons and the Shadow Leader. I am speaking on the role the Backbench Business Committee has in the organisation of Parliamentary business.

Good news today for those trying to get on the housing ladder. Help to Buy ISA’s are launched. Individuals can save up to £200 a month up to a maximum of £12000 and the Government will top the total saved by 25%.



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2 thoughts on “Syria vote

  1. I’ve yet to see you declare your intention on the vote, so I’m going to assume you’re still to make up your mind. I’d urge you to vote against extending our involvement. At the very least until a more concrete plan is formed. The current reasoning as to why we should ‘go in’, is even more wishy washy than the Iraq WMDs reasoning. Whilst I agree Isis need eradicating, doing exactly what they want us to do, (bombing yet more civilian populated areas), will only further their cause, and won’t in any way make the UK safer. If anything it will put us at more risk.

    Our involvement in the middle East, airstrikes and ground invasions created ISIS. Thinking we can solve the problem by repeating the same thing that caused the problem, is absolute insanity.

    Please vote against.

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