Northern Powerhouse – Transport

The Northern Powerhouse is the name given to  the government’s plan to to increase the size of the economy across the North of England.

There are many aspects to it. To start with transport, in total the government will spend £13 billion on transport in the North over the course of this Parliament. A new body is being established called Transport for the North which will oversee the transport plans. £150 million will be provided to support the delivery  of integrated ticketing across local transport and rail services across the North. Having good connections between our major cities in the North are a key requisite to improving the economy and Transport for the North is going to become a key player in delivering this.

Yesterday, I attended a Christmas Fair at Greenmount and another at Tottington.  I don’t think either was actually called a Christmas Fair but it gives a good idea of what the events were. Lots of stalls selling Christmasy things and lots of refreshments. I enjoyed my pie and peas!

Good news on the sporting front (although not for The Shakers this week) Tyson Fury bringing the World Heavyweight Boxing titles back to Britain and the prospect of Britain’s tennis team winning the Davis Cup over in Belgium.

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