One concern for many of Bury’s British Muslim community is the ongoing situation in the disputed territory of Kashmir. A mainly Muslim area between India and Pakistan which on independence in 1947 was divided with the larger part being transferred to India. A dispute has continued ever since over the area.
With the visit of Indian Premier Narendra Modi to the UK I have written to the Prime Minister twice asking him to raise the area with Mr Modi. Firstly, on behalf of a constituent and secondly, as a co-signatory to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir.
It is not within the UK’s power to resolve this issue but visits like this do give the Prime Minister the opportunity to encourage the Indians to sit down with the Pakistanis and try to resolve this very long running dispute.

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    Mr. Nuttall to bring you up-to-speed on the latest ‘goings-on’ with the Army occupation in Kashmir from different media (including Indian). Members would be grateful if a proper and more serious discussion of the realities on the ground for normal civilians is appreciated by your committee. It would be refreshing to find real action rather than empty speeches that do not bring about any resolution or change!?

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