Polling Day Today

After weeks of campaigning we have finally reached polling day. The voters chance to have their say.
There is a real choice at this election: Do we stay on the road to recovery with the Conservatives or do we go back to the Party that left the Country with a huge economic problem in 2010. Over the last five years the Conservative coalition has had to make difficult decisions to put the Country on the road to recovery and it is paying off. Two million more in work across the Country and hundreds more in work here in Bury with the security of a regular pay packet. A million more children being taught in good or outstanding schools. Here in Bury new buildings already up at Bury College and at Holy Cross and a brand new school on the way at Elton.
It is a choice between competence with the Conservatives or potential chaos with Labour /SNP. David Cameron as Prime Minister or Ed Miliband.

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9 thoughts on “Polling Day Today

  1. So you don’t post all comments! Interesting. I wasn’t wrong on my list of 10 was I?

    Congratulations on your win, I can only hope you put people first (all people) when voting on policy. As a religious man David remember that we are all equal in the eyes of God and God loves all his children equally.

    A community and country should be run for the benefit of all and left in a better place for our children to be happy & prosperous. We have different view points on how to achieve this but ultimately like me I believe you want this. I would urge you as one of your constituents to keep an eye on big business which I feel has little or no regard for this, whether through tax evasion, feathering own nests or harming the environment. The finer detail of the Transatlantic trade agreement brings this into sharp focus, may God give you the wisdom to make the right choices for our world, country and for North Bury. Good luck

  2. Congratulations on holding your seat today. I’m so glad that the Conservative Party and yourself are leading us through the next few years. I’m sure the last few weeks have been exhausting for you, I hope you can take some time during the next few days to celebrate your achievement, enjoy time with your family and recharge yourself. Three generations of my family voted for you yesterday. I hope this shows that you have the confidence of a huge cross section of the public. Well done.

    1. Sorry, I went to an ordinary Comprehensive School in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire in the 1970’s where I had excellent teachers but perhaps I should have paid more attention!. I am all in favour of the restoration of Grammar Schools.

  3. We have an option between an unknown entity; and whoever the Tories have to team up with to make a majority.

    But lets at least acknowledge that since 2010 they have in fact increased the public debt… stay with me I know economics isn’t the conservatives strong point. Here’s a nice graph, everyone likes a graph. http://www.economicshelp.org/blog/334/uk-economy/uk-national-debt/
    Our public debt has raised from around 50% GDP to 80.9%GDP… but of course this doesn’t include PFI, the wonga loans system John Major brought in to hide NHS borrowing by taking it out of the figures, and which Labour for god knows what reason continued much to the pleasure of “the city”.

    Hard also to ignore the Tories spending nearly 4bn of the NHS’s budget forcing a horrendous and badly thought out reorg (wait, didn’t they promise no top down reorgs) that was only created to allow the privatisation of the NHS and caused unbelievable levels of damage to an already underfunded essential part of our countries infrastructure; while the backers of the last Tory campaign have made huge inroads in taking up the ‘low hanging fruit’ in the NHS that hospitals relied on to fund more complicated procedures.

    It would be easy of course to demonise the self serving changes brought about by Lansley and Jeremy Hunt that created a tendering system so complicated it requires dedicated staff to even give hospitals a chance… dedicated staff private companies already had; much too easy as we have to understand its been a group effort.

    So here we have two small sections of the UK the tories have broken. We could of course talk about the disabled; the “huge rise in employment” under zero hours contracts that leave employees with no rights; hop over royal mail benefiting Osbournes friend; our perversely biased media owned by a few people; David Camerons inability to answer a straight question at PM Questions without repeating ‘When they were in power’ which in the end is like justifying smashing a window because others did it before… the list of lies and deceit goes on, they’ve done more damage than Tony Blair.

    So we’ll either have the current regime, who will finish the job of twisting the knife in Britain, leading us to an even more socially unjust society. Or some conglomerate built up of Labour and god knows who else infighting for power.

  4. Well today is the day I will add my vote to ousting David Nuttall. My local MP has voted
    1 Voted against equal gay rights
    2 Get cracking with fracking,
    3 Corporations not to have to say how much they pay women compared to men (equality),
    4 wants to bring smoking back to pubs,
    5 Voted to drop bombs on women & children
    6 Voted moderately against laws to promote equality and human rights
    7 Voted against an energy price freeze
    8 Voted very strongly against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed.
    9 Voted strongly against allowing marriage between two people of same sex
    10 Oh and voted to give himself a massive payrise

    1. I have no time to correct all the errors in your list but just to start with perhaps you could provide the link for the Hansard record of when I voted in favour of quote ‘a massive payrise’


      1. Not sure how the Hansard records works but the last line was a flippant comment and I apologize if you discreetly give the raise that Mp’s got to charity. If you didn’t directly vote for a raise but and don’t profit from it again I apologize.

        I’ll replace point 10 with Fox Hunting and that can be my list of 10. I can see why you voted against Energy Prize freezes as that to my is point scoring token politics, the equivalent of placing a plaster over mortal wound. The energy companies are monopolies who screw us over with their billions of profits and need breaking up for the good of ordinary hard working folk.

        As for the rest well

        Gay Marriage http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24877/david_nuttall/bury_north/divisions?policy=826
        Dropping Bombs on women and Children http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24877/david_nuttall/bury_north/divisions?policy=6688
        Smoking Ban http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24877/david_nuttall/bury_north/divisions?policy=811
        Fracking https://davidnuttall.info/2014/01/13/fracking/ (Which you offered no answers for)
        Fox Hunting https://nwhsa.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/position-of-mps-on-repeal-of-the-hunting-act/ You can state if you are against it and I’ll take you at your word
        Transparency on gender pay http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/dec/16/labour-transparency-gender-pay-gap-uk
        Voted very strongly against spending public money to create guaranteed jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed. http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24877/david_nuttall/bury_north/divisions?policy=6702

        Mr Jenkinson when Labour did vote this I was disgusted and out on Anti-war marches in Manchester. Disgusting decisions made in the name of the British people. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of innocents killed in what I believe is a land grab oil war. I for one was ashamed at what our leaders had done. Not a time for blaming other sides of the house, they were wrong. As I believe David is wrong voting airstrikes.

    2. And of course Labour MP’s never voted to “bomb women and children” did they?

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