Campaign 2015

This is the eighth general election I have campaigned in – the last five as a Candidate so I know a little about the way they go. This one is not very different. The main difference is that we have known the date of the election for most of the past five years. This has meant that the pace of the preparations have been much more measured. Parties and candidates have had time to plan, time to write the leaflets and early dissolution means more time before the election to canvass.

I have been busy knocking on doors and discussing the election with residents all over the constituency. My thanks to all those who have taken the time to chat and my apologies to all those who I have called on at an inconvenient time! I am often asked how it is going and the truth is that you can ask ten people what is important to them and get ten different answers.

There are many people who are undecided. There are some who are switching to the Conservatives and some who are sticking with their previous party. Our message has been simple there is a choice between keeping on the road to recovery so we can live within our means. It is only be having a strong economy that we can afford strong public services. It is a straight choice between having David Cameron as Prime Minister or replacing him with Ed Miliband and Labour.

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