I support the concept of making use of the natural resources we have for our benefit. Just as we have done over the centuries with wood, coal, oil and gas. Now there is the possibility that enormous amounts of shale gas could be extracted and used by Britons. Increased energy supply should result in lower prices or at least stabilised prices and more importantly we will have security and control over our own supply of energy. Combined with the use of nuclear power and the wind and solar power we have been developing it could provide us with our energy needs for years to come.

I doubt any Government would not want to proceed with fracking which is why I take the view that if it is going to go ahead and it could affect communities here in Bury in the long term it is essential that those most affected receive some of the financial benefit. It has already been announced that communities will get £100,000 for each test well and 1% of revenues now it has been announced instead of half the business rates local authorities will be able to keep 100% of the business rates they collect from each site. What is essential is that these monies are spent as close as possible to the affected communities and not diverted to other projects elsewhere.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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  1. I for one do not want to have to live anywhere that Fracking is happening. The government said UP to £100,000 would be invested in the area. Even if they paid me £200,000 to Frack in my area I would not take it. The very fact that the government want to pay this money is highly suspicious. They say we will not need to store this gas because it will be under ground waiting until we need it. Monkey sees monkey wants and it will be out of the ground and piped off and sold to the highest bidder. We will NOT benefit from lower fuel bills no more than we did when we were promised exactly that with North sea gas and oil. The areas to be fracked will be poisoned, Wildlife will be killed off and the soil contaminated. WAKE UP ENGLAND WE ARE UNDER ATTACK.

  2. Mr Nuttall, I’m an Occupational Health professional, a British citizen, currently residing in Australia. I am becoming increasingly concerned at the major environmental and public health CATASTROPHE that has already been unfolding – and set to be exacerbated here in Australia.

    Were this cancerous Coal Seam /Shale/ Unconventional Gas industry to be allowed even greater ‘free rein’ to operate within the much smaller confines of the UK , there will be ‘hell to pay’, for sure!

    You should be aware that there are not only long-terms adverse health effects but people in Queensland, for example, have been reporting a number of early signs and symptoms. [ May I suggest that you study the Report of Brisbane’s Dr. Geralyn McCarron – ‘Symptomatology of a Gas Field’ , I think is the title.]

    No amount of financial compensation is going to help those whose health is ruined, whose home is devalued, and cannot be sold or insured. Nor is the additional cost to the NHS and other Public/ Not for Profit services going to be covered by such compensation.

  3. Why would you want to poison our lands for short term gains.
    Have you not done any research in to fracking. Please research and learn more about the risks involved, before taking the money. If you have kids or your friends have kids then think hard about what your saying there future depends on it. Research research and research some more. This money being offered is dirty money. And when your old and talking to your ill and suffering grand kids you can explain how you helped poison them. and where all that wonderfull wildlife has gone. They will be so proud.

  4. You won’t get my vote then. Fracking uses too much water, which has to be tankered in, and tankered out and cleaned up of all the chemicals and proppants, and it could pollute aquifers, and it certainly gives off greenhouse gases which will further condemn future generations to climate chaos. I want NO PART in that scenario and you are a shortsighted fool if you do.
    Yours, John Cossham

  5. Why no mention of the enviroment and potential health risks in this short paragraph on fracking?

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