AD Plant Ramsbottom Planning Appeal

Last month I wrote to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles MP explaining the importance to Ramsbottom of the appeal against the decision by Bury Council’s Planning Committee to refuse the application to build an Anaerobic Digestion Plant at Fletcher Bank Shuttleworth. Today I have heard from the Minister for Local Government Kris Hopkins MP ( who has replied as being the matter falls within his Ministerial responsibilities)  that he has decided to ‘recover the appeal’.

The Public Inquiry which is presently taking place in Bury will still proceed.  The Inspector will still prepare a report and make a recommendation as to whether the appeal should be allowed. The matter will then be determined by the Secretary of State impartially and in light of all the facts.

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3 thoughts on “AD Plant Ramsbottom Planning Appeal

  1. Thank you for your swift response. I found the original post didn’t make this clear. I’m glad you oppose the building of this plant, it’s damaging for the area in many, many ways. On this we agree :o)

  2. I’m confused!?! So David if you were given a magic wand with ultimate power would you say ‘Yes’ I want the plant there or ‘No’ I wouldn’t want the plant there.

    As constituents it’s important to know. Thanks

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