Women Bishops

So today after many years of debate the General Synod are voting on whether the Church of England should have women Bishops. Even though I am no doubt regarded as an arch traditionalist by many I believe the Church should have women bishops. I appreciate the argument that Jesus only chose men as disciples I take the view that he chose the best people for the job at the time and it just so happened that the best 12 were men. Just as today I have no concerns if the Board of Directors of a Company are all men or all women for that matter what matters is that the best people are chosen. I appreciate there are very strongly held on both sides of the debate and  I only hope that whatever the result both sides accept the result with grace and equanimity.

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2 thoughts on “Women Bishops

  1. Its got nothing to do with twelve all male disciples. It’s about a man called Adam and a woman called Eve. It also includes an apple and a serpent. It’s all there in a book MPs are requested to swear upon after they are elected to Parliament.

  2. David. I agree about about both sides needing to accept the decision and move on. The last thing the Church needs at this time is being bogged down with division.

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