House of Lords Composition

When the Government loses a vote in the House of Commons it is headline news. When the Government loses a vote in the House of lords it is hardly mentioned.

The reason for this may well lie in the fact that most news outlets realise a Lords defeat is usually overturned in the Commons and also because of the make up of the House of Lords not only do the Conservatives not have a majority but even the Coalition parties together do not have a majority.

As at 19th Novermber there were 761 Peers entitled to attend the House of Lords 28% of these are Conservatives and 12% Liberal Democrats. Despite what many people may think namely that the House of Lords is full of Conservatives Labour is the largest Party with 29% of Peers.

It is also not true that the Coalition have stuffed the Lords full of Conservatives since the last General Election. Since the 2010 election there have been 46 more Conservative Peers appointed, 39 Labour, 24 Liberal Democrats and 10 Crossbench (Independent) Peers.



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2 thoughts on “House of Lords Composition

    1. Well said Simon, as always our MP is economical with the truth, my solution would be to get rid of this bunch of scroungers who have no power to change or scrap legislation because the commons can, and usually does, overide anything they say. Whilst i am on here isn’t it strange how Mr Nuttall very rarely puts something on here that people can make a comment about except for trivial matters, one wonders why, and when he does put something on for the plebs, sorry the voters, to comment on he is like this useless PM who refuses to answer a question. This lunchtime it has become apparent that the government is looking at putting a unit price on alchohol of 45- 50p when they said they had no intention of doing so, i wonder how our MP will vote if it is put to a vote in the commons after saying he does not agree with this measure, see previous comments to readers questions, but i doubt if it will go ahead because of a legal challenge and is against EU rules. This measure would be a blanket measure and would make everybody pay for the stupidity of the few, if the government is in favour of blanket measures why does he give fat cheques to people on large salaries but takes more off the working classes, i’ll tell you why, it’s because the PM and his cronies have never done a days work in their lives and doesn’t give a monkeys how the other half live, after all if the plebs, sorry the people, get too well off then the people won’t have to work as long hours and retire early so there won’t be as many people to make goods and services and the rich ,i.e the government won’t get their fat dividends to hide away in tax havens.

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