Latest Crime Figures Down

With elections for the new Police and Crime Commissioners now out of the way it is pleasing to note that the latest bulletin from Greater Manchester Police shows that overall crime in Greater Manchester is down by 11 per cent for the 12 months to the end of October 2012.

Domestic burglary has been reduced by eight per cent and personal robbery by 11 per cent. At the same time vehicle crime is down by 11 per cent. Business robbery has been reduced by 15 per cent. Antisocial behaviour has been reduced by 14 per cent.

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3 thoughts on “Latest Crime Figures Down

  1. Once again our MP takes his voters for fools as he again tries to say crime is down, of course it is, it has been coming down for the last few years and nothing to do with this inept government. Lies are continuing to be peddled by this useless mob because they don’t have anything positive to say, lies like 7,000 more doctors 4,000 more nurses, higher employment levels, but they try to stifle the truth, the truth is they are part time jobs and the olympics effect. I ask the readers of this blog to ask their GP how long it takes to train to be a GP and i am sure they will tell you it is not two and a half years, a lie peddled in the house of commons by cameron and osborne on NUMEROUS occasions months ago. A question for you Mr Nuttall, why was there a second choice on the ballot paper for the pcc elections when there was no mention of it by the government, that is a form of PR which i know you disagree with and i am sure a lot of people felt they had to fill in, that is why some tories got in when they would not have done. If anybody has any illusions about the honesty of this government they should have watched the channel four dispatches programme this evening when cameron said he wanted complete transparency re MPs expenses but both sides are still milking our money including government ministers, and while i am on about this usless PM why did he critisise nadin dorris for going on i’m a celeb when he should, and probably did know because she was given the ok to go on the show by guess who, yes you guessed wright, that usless chief whip who called our police and us PLEBS, talk about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, just about sums up this usless bunch, another omnishambles to follow all the others, too numerous to mention on here but the voters will know what they are.

    1. Hi Alan,

      I was simply quoting the figures issued by the Greater Manchester Police, you do not have to believe them if you do not want.

      In anaswer to your question I suspect the real reason why a form of Proportional Representation was used for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections is that we have a coalition Government and as you know the Liberal Democrats are very keen are PR! Incidentally, I believe the system was first introduced by Labour for the election of the Mayor of London.


      1. That is your usual very week excuse to get the government off the hook, pr was defeated in the commons but the tories use it when it suits them, i.e when they knew they could not get their people in without it, a very underhand trick if ever i saw one. Government figures prove crime has been coming down for the last few years and you know it but you try to kid the voters of Bury by using very selective figures. I notice you had no comment on your own ministers and their expenses, still lining their nests at our expense, so much for transparency, also your lack of comment re nadine dorris and the PMs ‘apparent’ lack of knowledge of her going a,w.o.l. do you and this usless PM expect us to swallow that, get real David. As to your remark re the mayor of london i do not believe in mayors who have too much power and cost a fortune and as with the PCCs you can’t get rid of them for four years no matter how badly they perform, this also goes for MPs who by eric pickles standards should be able to be recalled by the voters, now that would be democracy but because of the ineptness of this shambolic government has been very quietly swept under the carpet.

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