Kumon in Bury

David with Instructor Fran Healey
David with Instructor Fran Healey

I was pleased to be able to attend the Open day of the new Kumon education classes today. Run by Instructor Fran Healey the centre which will operate from The Hall behind Bury Parish Church will provide teaching in maths and English for pupils of all ages and capabilities.

Fran explained how the Kumon classes operate and how they will be able to benefit children in Bury. The classes will be open between 4pm and 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. For more details check out the Kumon website here

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3 thoughts on “Kumon in Bury

  1. I’m well out of formal education but didn’t we used to have schools for this sort of thing?
    If teaching in schools is so bad these days and kumon are so lovely and brilliant why don’t we obtain a license/franchise from them so everyone can benefit from this wonderful resource?

    +1 for Ewan

  2. David,

    You make it sound like Kumon are an altruistic, charitable organisation, rather than a for profit organisation selling an educational service that is decidedly outside mainstream educational practices and thinking.

    Anyone interested in Kumon should search online about them at places like Mumsnet where they get very mixed reviews. One phrase there that struck me was “.. yet another commercial organization preying on the insecurities of parents.”


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