David attending BIG Open Day
David attending BIG Open Day

Earlier today I attended the B I G – Bury Involvement Group in Mental Health’s Open day at The Old Fire Station on The Rock, Bury.

People who have mental health problems need help and support just a such as those suffering from physical illnesses and disabilities and B I G provide just the sort of friendly and welcoming environment to make it as easy as possible for those who feel they need a bit of help and advice to obtain it from experienced professional and meet others who have similar conditions.

B I G hold regular sessions at the United Reform church in Parsons Lane Bury and at their new base in Wolstenholme House  4 Tenterden Street Bury.  Much more information can be found at the Group’s excellent website here http://buryinvolvementgroup.org/

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  1. On behalf of all at BIG, I would like to thank you David for attending our Open Day. We really appreciate your time, interest and your many positive comments about our voluntary organisation.

    Kind regards,
    Frances Halligan
    Chair of BIG & Bury Woman of the Year.

  2. David has done a very good job by attending this event and giving all the support to this organisation.God bless you David

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