Expanding Bury Business

David with Rowe Hankins Ltd's founder Toni Hankins
David with Rowe Hankins Ltd’s founder Toni Hankins

With the  House of Commons not sitting in the past week I have had the opportunity to do more work in and around the Constituency. On Monday I had a meeting with local dairy farmers and representatives of the National Farmers Union about various farming issues and in particular the effects of  falling farm gate milk prices.

I have also visited Rowe Hankins Limited a local Company which once it has finished recruiting will have increased its workforce by about a third in the last couple of years up from 45 to 60. Importantly they are predominantly a manufacturing Company. They work within the rail industry providing high tech solutions to help improve safety, efficiency and reliability. of trains and light rail networks. More information can be found at their website here www.rowehankins.com

This special Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend there are lots of events taking place some specially arranged to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and others such as the World War II weekend and the Hawkshaw Gala where CeeCee and I spent a couple of hours earlier today are annual events.

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One thought on “Expanding Bury Business

  1. I agree with expanding Bury Businesses. We need heavy manufacturing to replace cotton, paper and Engineering, such as Walmersleys, that we have lost. To be green they need to be within walking distance of homes.

    This week I wanted to support Britain and The Queen so I went to buy some Union Jacks or flags as people have now started saying. The problem is by buying them I was supporting China not Britain as that is where they are made. Therefore I didn’t buy any because each time we buy from such places it puts another nail in the British coffin.

    The industrial revolution started here in Great Britain with a large amount here in Lancashire. What has happened to our great businesses and why don’t we export more than we import ?
    We are the best at most things in the world except selling ourselves and doing “Cheap”. We have the best engineers and manufacturing. This we need to sell to the world.
    Governments can help by only buying British. Don’t buy cheap Chinese rubbish or any other rubbish.

    Buy British, British is Best and It’s Best for Britain !

    We need to restore our lead in the world !

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