Peoples Pledge Referendum Campaign

David attending the Cheadle Referendum campaign launch
David attending the Cheadle Referendum campaign launch

This week The People’s Pledge campaign launched the latest of their constituency wide campaigns to find out whether people want to have their say on our continuing membership of the European Union.  The first referendum was held in the Essex constituency of Thurrock which is an ultra- marginal Conservative constituency when 9 out of 10 voted in favour of having a referendum.

Now in the next phase of the campaign The People’s Pledge are arranging for a full postal referendum to be held in the three Manchester  area constituencies of Manchester Withington, Cheadle and Hazel Grove. This means that around 200,000 voters will be entitled to have their say on whether we should have a referendum on our continuing membership of the European Union. It will be a full postal ballot held under the auspices of the Electoral Reform Services to ensure the mechanics are independently handled.

As all three of these constituencies are currently held by the Liberal Democrats it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be. Anyone wishing to help with the campaign can contact The People’s Pledge by email at or by ringing 0161 428 9998

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8 thoughts on “Peoples Pledge Referendum Campaign

  1. It appears to me that Germany are now pulling all the strings as far as the EU is concerned.would you not agree,and so this can not be in G.B. interest.Is this moderate or do you think that we GB have any influence.

    1. Hi,
      Thank-you for your comments. Obviously the UK has influence but I don’t just want us to have influence over laws which effect us I want the UK to have control not just influence. I believe that our laws should be made here in Westminster and not in Brussels.


  2. I also have voted Tory since old enough to vote but now vote UKIP i can not see any benefit being British in the European union and after 2 world wars we let Germany in the front door

  3. That any government can ignore the overwhelming desire of the electorate to be heard on this fundamental single issue beggars belief, but it’s been the case for so long, on so many major issues now, that it’s evident both Labour and the Conservatives have their own political classes and narrow agendas at the top echelons of Westminster and only pay lip service to the notion of democracy in this country.
    Still, on this issue, ultimately, you can’t “buck” the market and the incompatibility of economies and cultures in the EU are slowly unravelling the political project like an unstoppable force of nature. Even a full political and economic union of the continenet wouldn’t find rivets strong enough to withstand the ongoing tensions that would emerge following one.
    Having voted Conservative since I was old enough, I’m now with UKIP. The Torys have become urn-like. Fat with fairly decent talent and strongest in the middle, very thin and weak at the top.

  4. Did David Nutall Mp follow the 3 line whip against a referendum on staying in the E.U.?
    Of course he did.

    1. Hi,

      I am afraid I do not really understand your comment. I was the M.P. who put down the motion and opened the debate. I did not as you suggest ‘follow the 3 line whip’ because not surprisingly I voted in favour of my own motion!


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