Balloon Race

After a very busy week in Westminster today has been a very busy day back in the Constituency.
At lunchtime I met with a group of local businessmen to discuss their concerns about the current problems they face. This was an opportunity for me to hear at first hand from a range of different businesses and I think the main message that came out was how important it is to maintain confidence in UK PLC.

Later in the afternoon I went to Kays Gardens to attend the launch of a balloon race. Staff from Bury Solicitors GLP had spent the day raising money by (among other things) selling balloons to raise money to pay for specialist treatment for the brave young Bury girl Poppy Taylor. Fortunately, the weather was fine and thanks to the generosity of shoppers several hundreds of pounds was raised.

I then returned to spend the last two hours of the day dealing with my usual constituents surgery. As ever a diverse range of difficult problems and no easy answers.

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