EU referendum motion – “Thank-you”

Just a quick note to thank all those who have rung and left messages or written to me or emailed me with regard to the Motion calling for the introduction of a Bill to provide for the holding of a national referendum on our membership of the European Union.

As readers will know despite the fact that all three major parties issued a three-line whip instructing M.P.’s to vote against the Motion it nevertheless attracted the support of 111 M.P.’s (plus the two tellers).

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  1. Dear Mr. Nuttall,

    I have just read the following article on the BBC Website:

    “Tory MP David Nuttall’s motion says the public should have three options put to them in the nationwide vote – keeping the status quo, leaving the EU or reforming the terms of the UK’s membership of the European Union.”

    I sincerely hope you and your colleagues are successful. I voted in the original referendum but it was not for the E.U. that we see today. Moreover I think it grossly unfair that my adult son has never been given the opportunity to have his say despite some of his taxes going toward the funding of the E.U.

    My major complaint against the E.U. is the enormous bureaucracy and the unelected Commissioners. For far too long these people have drafted legislation which have subsequently had an impact on the lives of British People.

    As for Mr. Herman Van Rompuy and Mr. José Manuel Barroso. I do not recollect being given the opportunity to vote for either as President let alone even deciding that the E.U. should have two Presidents!

    And now we have technocrats running both Italy and Greece. At the behest of whom one would add? Certainly not the voters of the respective countries.

    It is evident from the latest polls that millions of British people feel not only disenchanted with this somewhat remote new empire but are also disenfranchised from the political protest.

    I wish you and your colleagues the best of wishes to wrest control from this undemocratic monolith.

    Kind Regards

    1. Dear Mr Lee,

      Thank-you for your comment. As you will be aware the motion calling upon the Government to bring forward legislation to provide for a referendum on our membership of the EU was defeated but I will continue to argue for the right of the British people to be consulted on this vital issue.


  2. I must just say that David is right – the European Directive on the Working Time of Hospital Doctors HAS been given as one of the principal reasons for closure of Fairfield Maternity Dept. I have been involved in the fight to retain our local Maternity for some years and the authorities keep saying we cannot get enough Consultant Obstetricians to cover the hours now imposed by Europe and we have to rely on Locums. . I did eventually (after a year of asking) obtain the stats for fatalities (mother and baby) and it was comforting to find that Fairfield was as safe (if not safer) than other local Maternity units. No one is saying that Doctors should work overlong hours – we are saying we should decide as a nation this kind of detail. There may be other reasons for closure but I feel David was just giving an example of European intrusion in our lives which is nothing to do with the original Free Trade Area about which we had a Referendum after the event many years ago. As a YES voter at the time , I did NOT vote for losing our national sovereignty , I voted to stay in the free trade zone. We were misled by Ted Heath who admitted later in life that he always knew the secret long term agenda.

    More recently all three Parties went into the General Election promising a Referendum, including the Liberals, but after the Election they put the Whips on to prevent the public being allowed a vote – and they wonder why people get cynical. and apathetic.

    Cllr Roy-E. Walker

    & Member of Pennine Acute Scrutiny Panel

  3. David,

    I see that you promulgated the EU vote based partly upon the lie that the Working Time Directive had caused the closure of the Fairfield maternity unit.

    I’m sure you’re well aware that this is a lie of the most egregious kind, and it does you no credit whatsoever. About as much, it should be said as your pre-election lie that you would ‘save Fairfield’ when you, Cameron and Lansley all knew that that was not the case.

    Perhaps you might, as Roger Brown – the leader of the Bury Conservative councillors – stated in Council recently (and I’m sure that you can’t accuse a colleague of getting his facts wrong) that the Secretary of State hadn’t the powers to retain Fairfield’s maternity service.

    Either you knew, and lied (as did Lansley and Cameron), or else you’re saying that the leader of the local Tories is a liar.

    Which is it?

    Regarding the EU, I would very much like to see from you a cost analysis of our departure from the EU, given the fact that over 40% of the UK’s trade is with the EU. I’m sure that you will be able to demonstrate that we will be unaffected, and will have factual data to back it up.

    A few minor points spring to mind, concerning our inability thereafter to influence to direction of EU legislation and rules, being on the outside, our exposure to EU tariffs for the same reason, our inability to attract EU nationals to our shores due to increased bureaucracy – visas will become the norm, the flight of multinationals to the EU to gain internal access to the EU markets, and a couple more besides.

    I have no doubt that you’ll be able to put everyone’s mind to rest on these little mentioned (by you) aspects of our economic future.

    I look forward to reading your detailed, and, no doubt, convincing, reply.


    1. Hi,

      Thank-you for your comment.

      I do not think I have ever suggested the effect of the European Working Time Directive was the only reason behind the Fairfield decision. It is however I believe one of the reasons for the re-orgainisation. Indeed, I was told as much when I met with local NHS managers to discuss this issue sometime ago.

      With regard to the benefits and disadvantages of our membership of the European Union personally I believe that British business would be better off outside of the European Union but frankly what I think and believe on such an important issue is irrelevant which is why I want there to be a referendum. A campaign would allow all the argumentsboth for and against to be made in detail and everyone could then make their own mind up. There is enough material already available which sets out the case against membership without me spending hours writing it all out here but if you are not convinced and want to remain in the European Union ( an organistion that is committed to ever closer union) that is a perfectly honourable position to take and of course there are no doubt many others who have such a view.


    2. Simon i really do think you are naive if you think coming out of the EU would cost jobs. There is nobody on this site who has a go at David Nuttall more than me but on the subject of the disastrious EU he has my full support. I suggest you watch the goings on in parliament and in particular Bill Cash ( TORY) who is opposed to the EU and who tells it as it is. I am a committed labour voter but have always been against the EU and voted against us staying in when the 1975 vote was taken. We were lied to by Ted Heath re the benefits of the EEC and we were not given a vote on wether we wanted to join or not. We currently have a trading deficit with the EU of £50bn and we would not be subject to tarrifs because of the WTO who govern on these things. Other european countrys not in the EU do very nicely thank you and if you want proof all you have to do is read Hansard where you will find all the information you require. The cost of running the EU is enormous and our laws are made there and not by our own government and this puts our own industries at a disadvantage, ask the train makers in Derby. As to your other point re Roger Browns statement that Andrew Lansley has not got the power to stop the closure of Fairfield Baby Unit he is talking out of his backside, Andrew Lansley is the secretary of state for health and he has the FINAL say on ANYTHING that comes under the the NHS and has the power to do whatever he wishes to do under his powers as the boss of that department. I will agree with you that we were lied to by Andrew Lansley and David Nuttall so as to get elected and Lansley did not answer the charge made against him of lying to get votes in the house last week by the opposition because he knew he had lied and that he had no intention of keeping Fairfielfd open.Further to the argument that we can not leave the EU or change laws without the permission of the EU, well that is cobblers, we are a sovereign state and as such the Queen is the highest authority in the land and our government is subject to that authority and can make, or break, any laws the EU trues to inflict on the UK, if you don’t believe me listen to the radio more often and you will know that i have quoted one of the most emminent law lords in the land who has said our government can do whatever it wishes re any legislation the EU tries to impose on us, after all what can they do if we refuse, sweet nothing. As to your point about influence in the EU and our ability to trade with non EU nations you seem to forget we had a very good trading agreement with Australia and New Zealand and other countrys but that went downhill because of the EU idiots but i am sure the Aussies and the Kiwis would be only to pleased to sell us more of their lamb and butter if we came out of the EU. I am not sure from your letter what side of the political divide you are on but i can asure you the lying tories and even bigger liars the libdems will be seeking fresh employment come the next election bring it on.

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  5. Sandra Robinson October 25, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Dear David,

    Thank you for your stand and that of your colleagues in putting forward and supporting the motion last night, especially colleagues who had to resign. I think it is the first time that it feels as if we have started to take a stand in parliament about EU concerns rather than leaders and ministers talking about it, but intentions always being strongly diluted when they actually have to deal with strident EU leaders and their own agendas. The EU is sclerotic in its political and economic path and yet it cannot see it, so long has it clung to a specific dream from the nineteen fifties. There is nothing wrong with voluntary agreements and it is not necessary to continually bind countries and people. Unless another view is brought onto the world stage, even if it is unpopular and painful to those whose dream the Union is, we will sink with the EU as Khol invited us to do.

    Please let this be just the start of rescuing and safeguarding our democracy and returning to the principle of listening to the people and representing their views. The people are not trying to relive history, they are trying to prevent recurring power without voting and accountabilityThank You.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sandra Robinson & Family

  6. Congratulations for moving the motion for a referendum on the European Union. I think that there should have been a free vote. I am a tory voter and have been disappointed by the Prime Minister about his attitude to Europe and generally giving too much away to the Lib-dems. Carry on your good work!
    Eva Kalderon

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