Busy week

Well all weeks are busy weeks but last week with the debate on holding a referendum on our membership of the European Union ( and the ensuing media bids) and this week have been especially busy.

In addition to all the extra work created by the debate I have been inundated with emails and letters from well wishers from all over the Country. I have of course also had to deal with the constant stream of individual constituent cases; deal with the rest of the Parliamentary agenda; attend the engagements I have been booked for and ……..try and see my family!

Last Saturday evening I attended an excellent concert at The Castle Armoury, Castle Street in Bury in aid of the Fusiliers Museum. The Band and Corps of Drums of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Lancashire) were joined by The Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band in a programme that including something to suit every musical taste.
During the week in Parliament the main business has been the Report stage of the Legal Aid and Sentencing Bill ( to use the quick title!).
I was pleased the Government has brought forward an amendment to the Bill to make squatting a criminal offence and I spoke in the debate on this new clause. I have never understood why it is so difficult for householders to be able to remove squatters and in the past the police have invariably said it was a civil matter and the law seemed to be on the side of the squatters.

On friday, I had a meeting with the local National Farmers Union. Although there are not a huge number of farmers in the Bury North constituency the farmers who are in the Constituency all have specific concerns. I consider them all as small businesses because in essence that is what they are and we all depend on their success.

I then had a meeting with traders on Crompton Street. They are anxious that the old post office building be brought back into use. It has been closed for 16 years and many people have said to me how they think it would be a real improvement if it could once again host a post office. After my usual surgery which brought the expected variety of problems I attended a dinner organised by the Bury Conservative Future Group.

Today after church I went up to the Civic Hall in Ramsbottom to attend the craft fair organised by the Bury Society for Blind and Partially Sighted Persons. I was pleased to hear from the various standholders that there had been a steady stream of visitors during the day.

Tomorrow, it is back to Westminster and the PM’s statement following the G20 and the Eurozone crisis will no doubt dominate the news headlines.

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