Bury Blind Society Annual Dinner

Mr Alan Creswell, The Mayor Councillor Yvonne Creswell, Di Webb, David, Councillor Yvonne Wright.

Last night Sue and I attended the Annual dinner of the Bury and District Society for Blind and Partially Sighted Persons at Greenmount Golf Club. An excellent meal and great company.

Co-incidentally, the Gospel reading in church this morning was of Jesus healing the blind man.

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2 thoughts on “Bury Blind Society Annual Dinner

  1. Dear David,

    Thank you for your stand and that of your colleagues in putting forward and supporting the motion last night, especially colleagues who had to resign. I think it is the first time that it feels as if we have started to take a stand in parliament about EU concerns rather than leaders and ministers talking about it, but always being strongly diluted when they actually have to deal with strident EU leaders and their own agendas. The EU is sclerotic in its political and economic path and yet it cannot see it, so long has it clung to a specific dream from the nineteen fifties. There is nothing wrong with voluntary agreements and it is not necessary to continually bind countries and people. Unless another view is brought onto the world stage, even if it is unpopular and painful to those whose dream the Union is, we will sink with the EU as Khol invited us to do.

    Really, please let this be just the start of rescuing and safeguarding our democracy and Thank You.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sandra Robinson & Family.

  2. Hi David, Thankyou for trying to get us a referemdum on Europe. I beleive we should come out, and all the 40 Billion we give to Europe, should be spent on business;s in this country, to start helping to employ people, to get the economy moving, and also to get our own Humun Rights moving, so we can deport undesirables from our country, this is our country, and does not belong to MP.s, so I believe we should deselect all those who did not vote with you. Have a good day’

    Edward Margarita Kevin Josuha and Maria Giiens.

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