Cricket and Discrimination

I went to watch the first day of the Roses clash on Friday which was not a good day for Yorkshire as the Tykes were bowled out before tea. Since then despite help from the weather Lancashire have batted extremely well and established a first innings lead of over 300. If the weather is fine tomorrow on the last day Yorkshire will face a tough task to avoid defeat.

On the political front we are now very much in the middle of what is traditionally called “the silly season”. Odd stories emerge and are given undue weight and importance as the newspapers struggle to fill column inches during the Parliamentary recess. I see today that it has been reported that the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party thinks one of the top two jobs in the Labour Party should always be a woman. It is not for me to comment on what the Labour Party does and if the Members of the Labour Party think that would be a good idea then so be it. I think that whatever the situation the best person for the job should always be chosen regardless of their gender, race, sexual preferences, religion or any other characteristic which is used to define – and divide – people. I should add that my wife feels even more strongly about this than I do because she believes that every time a female is given artificial help it merely reinforces the stereotype that women are the weaker sex and therefore need special help – “patronising” is her view as she quotes the example of Lady Thatcher who became Prime Minister without any special help at all!

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