A big thank-you to all of you who took the time and trouble to either vote by post or go out and vote in person in the elections yesterday. The weather was warm and dry and I am sure this encouraged a few more voters to exercise their democratic right.

I commented after a recent visit to Radcliffe West that the result there might be quite close. It was – the Conservative Candidate was just nine votes behind in what has up to now always been regarded as a safe Labour seat. So congratulations to the winning Labour Councillor and commiserations to Samantha Davies who worked very hard and by all accounts fought an excellent campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Thank-you!

  1. Given the national situation, the issue with members expenses etc and comparing the Radcliffe result with County Council results and the European results the Tories should have won this By election by a mile. They didnt and that is why the result is stunning for Labour despite the nasty personal campaign against our candidate.

  2. Stunning is not the word to use for a single-figure majority over the Conservative Party in one of the safest Labour seats in the borough. This has now been forced into marginal territory and is serious cause for alarm for north-west Labour. This was a 500-clear seat for the Labour Party only 36 months ago.

    However, Mike, Labour won on this occasion and well done.

  3. Thank you David, it was indeed a close contest. However, given the picture nationally our victory in Radcliffe West was stunning.

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