European Election Result in Bury

After a lengthy counting procedure last night held at the town’s Castle Leisure Centre the results of the European Election in the Borough of Bury were announced just before midnight.
The full result was
Conservative 14244
Labour 9323
UKIP 7372
Liberal Democrat 5740
BNP 3994
Green 3454
English Democrat 1529
Socialist Labour Party 680
Christian Party 678
No2EU:Yes to democracy 647
Jury Team 249
Pro democracy: 198
Francis Apaloo ( independent) 100
There were 247 votes rejected for various reasons.
So there was a Conservative majority in Bury of 4,921. The turnout was considerably lower than when these elections were last held in 2004. The turnout then was 47.8% whereas on Thursday the turnout was 34.2%. Other than a general disenchantment with politics and politicians I think this reduction in turnout can also be attributed to the fact that in 2004 the European elections coincided with the local elections in Bury when because of boundary changes all 51 seats were up for election and the election was conducted solely by postal voting.
Across the North West three Conservative M.E.P.’s were elected, two for Labour and one each for UKIP, Liberal Democrats and BNP

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6 thoughts on “European Election Result in Bury

  1. David you come across as very rude, manipulative and deceptive character.

    I shall do whatever it takes to make sure you are NOT my MP.

    Answer the mans question, don’t dither. You don’t even know your own party’s policies or plans. Don’t lie to the public.

    Come clean now.

    1. Steve,

      I have answered the question. I note no one has been able to post a link to a Conservative policy that contradicts my answer. Of course I can not promise the position will never change.

      By the way, just for the record I never knowingly lie. My whole purpose in politics is to rebuild trust in politicians. You may not agree with my political views but I do not knowingly lie or mislead people.

  2. Hi Tamoor,
    I think my reply is quite clear. If I was aware that it was Conservative policy to change the scheme I would say so. I am not aware that any such change is planned.

  3. Just out of interest David, does a future conservative government plan to abolish the E.M.A system currently benefiting thousands of families.

      1. Hi David

        I still fail to understand the conservative position on this. Are you saying that a future conservative government would continue with this scheme, or will it be scrapped??

        Or is it in fact part of the planned cuts?? As you may know this helps the most disadvantaged in society, and encourages colleges and other FE institutions to increase thier retention rates, and thereby giving them the education opportunity that they other wise may not have.

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