Bury Con Gain from NOC

At last I have been able to get away from the phone and bring my on line diary up to date. Yesterday was a long day, it was past 4am this morning before I finally got to bed and four hours later I was up to start planning today and the visit of our Party Leader. As the result as been widely reported it hardly seems necessary to recite it here but for the record we gained the three seats we needed to take overall control of Bury Council for the first time in 22 years. The crucial gains came in Radcliffe North Radcliffe West and Redvales. I would like to thank all those who played a part in this election campaign.

It had long been rumoured that David Cameron would visit Bury again if we were able to take control of the Council and overnight we received confirmation that the Leader would be back in Bury around 1pm. A huge media scrum awaited his arrival and all those Councillors and helpers who might have been hoping for a photo with the Leader were disappointed as the media crowded around and many of those shots are now appearing on all the National, regional and local media.

I have now got to start catching up on dozens of litle jobs that I have been putting off ‘until after the election’ !

The Conservatives now have the opportunity to show how we can change Bury for the better and make improvements that will benefit the residents of Bury Ramsbottom and Tottington. It will be a tremendous challenge and I am sure there will be difficult decisions to make. I am looking forward to helping the Councillors in any way I can but first I am looking forward on catching up on a full nights sleep!