The Patter of Tiny Feet

Now that the local election campaign is out of the way I can announce that Sue and I will soon be hearing the patter of tiny feet ! ……………. well paws !
Our new pup will be arriving this week so yesterday Sue and I went shopping for a long list of doggie related items so that we are ready for our new arrival. Our new four footed family member will be a dalmatian dog that we have bought from a breeder in Longridge near Preston. The main problem with dalmatians is that they are prone to deafness so we were especially pleased that last week we heard that our pup had passed its hearing test. I will be revealing our new arrivals name on Tuesday.

This morning after attending church I went to the Conservative Group’s Annual General Meeting where the main item of business is the election of the Group Leader and Group Deputy Leader. As we now control Bury Council they were in effect electing the Councl Leader and Deputy Leader and it will be no surprise that the existing post holders Councillor Bob Bibby and Councillor Yvonne Creswell were both re-elected unopposed.

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