Las Vegas comes to Manchester

Well that was a surprise! Everyone thought that the UK’s first super Casino would go to either the Dome in London or Blackpool. Instead we discovered today it is on it’s way to Manchester. I hope the project is properly managed and monitored. For those who plan a visit when it eventually opens “Good Luck” but when it comes to gambling I always remember what my grandmother told me ” You never see a poor bookie!”

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8 thoughts on “Las Vegas comes to Manchester

  1. Hummm Las Vegas comes to Manchester.

    We’ll see?

    Many an “Eastender” character has announced an intention to go to Manchester and never been seen again. Frank Butcher being the exception – and he shouldn’t have been seen again. With or without the revolving bow tie.

  2. I will give you 5 to 1 that the new Manchester super Casino is not ready when they say it will be…. Hey wait a minute it will be private funding with no government input, so that should speed things up, make it 2 to 1.

    Has Wembley stadium changed its plans again so it can take advantage of the new gaming act, if so I bet the new Super Casino in Manchester will be open before Wembley.

    BTW is it “Supercasino” or Super Casino”?
    or maybe “Manchestersupercasion”?

  3. Is it me or are the current Government Manchester obsessed? Not for them a few days by the seaside as in days or yore but the GMEX for their Party conference.

  4. To,

    David Nuttall,

    Las Vegas comes to Manchester!

    They say that it will provide regeneration and increased employment opportunities – I’ll say! One of the major industries in East Manchester is the re-cycling of motor parts. A large, new car park will provide plenty of raw material for the local entrepreneurs. If you intend to visit, make sure you don’t bet your taxi fare home. You may, unexpectedly, need it.

    It’ll be interesting to see too if the ‘super’ casino will survive the congestion charges earmarked for Manchester. The very ones, which are now being proposed by pompous Labour council leaders, who take great pleasure in telling everyone else to use public transport, but fail to do so themselves.

  5. What is it about this Supercasino thing which makes me even more suspicious of some sinister corruption somewhere along the line? Has it been decided who will be running the casino? A UK firm or a foreign-based firm? Is there any advantage to this apart from a simple money-making taxation exercise from the government?

    Given that Las Vegas is still dominated by mob-types, will we see an increase in the ‘underground’ world in this country through associated businesses?

    Will the supercasinos really do anything to local economy apart from provide a few jobs to people who will probably be bought in from elsewhere?

    Do you think there will be any effect on gambling addictions? Is there a way to combat this, apart from quick credit checks upon each entry or something?

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