Ramsbottom Cricket Club in Winter!

It is always a rather strange experience visiting a cricket ground in the middle of winter. On Sunday lunchtime Sue and I were at Ramsbottom Cricket Club with over 80 members and friends to welcome Sir Robert Atkins and his wife Dulcie. Sir Robert is one of the three Conservative MEP’s who represent the North West in the European Parliament. We had excellent hot pot and mushy peas and a huge selection of sweets to choose from. Sir Robert gave a very informative and entertaining speech and answered qyestions on a very wide range of topics.My thanks to the Bury North Conservative Ladies Committee for organising the event. As Patrons of Ramsbottom CC Sue and I both look forward to the summer when we can return to watch some cricket at Acre Bottom

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  1. Hi John,
    Thanks for your post.
    Quite a question! Has the EU been good for Britain?
    Well I am sure that some people and companies have benefited but equally many Companies and individuals have suffered as a result of laws forced on the UK by EU. The referendum we had three decades ago was about joining the EEC – the European Economic Community that then became the European Community and the Economic was dropped then it was renamed the European Union. It has a flag, a parliament, an anthem, and a currency. My view is clear: make no mistake the EU wants to become a Superstate; a Union of States where the EU has power over the individual nations. I fundamentally disagree with that idea and I believe that the Conservatives are the best Party to safeguard British interests.

  2. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for your query. I think it is better that we tax what scientists say is bad for the environment rather than taxing good things eg employers for providing employment.
    I hope that if this Country takes a lead others will follow. A global problem need s global action especially from developing nations like China.
    David Nuttall

  3. Lunch with a member of the European parliament. Very nice too. I’d be interested to know what you think of the European Union? Has it been good for Britain?

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