William Hague visits Bury

William addressing the meeting

I attended Whitefield Golf Club last night when William Hague MP, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, was the special guest at a reception organised in aid of my colleague Michelle Wiseman’s campaign in Bury South.

William met with guests and gave a short speech about the exciting time we face in British politics in the weeks ahead. His message was simply that we cannot go on spending one pound out of every four that we do not have and so we have to borrow it.

Today has been dominated by the fact that last night Susan slipped down on the ice whiilst we were out walking CeeCee on his last walk of the day and injured her left hand in particular her thumb was not operating. It was no better this morning and so we decided a trip to Fairfield would be sensible. Not surprisingly given all the snow and ice around there were many others with similar complaints waiting to be seen and a wait of 2 to 3 hours inevitable. The result once Susan was seen was that the ligaments in her thumb have torn and they bandaged it up. Sue is booked in for a return visit next week. I fear it could be a while before the ligaments are repaired. It is a nuisance but when we see the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti we realise that our small trials and tribulations are nothing when compared to the terrible situation facing the Haitians.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi

This evening I have attended Radcliffe Civic Hall for the celebration of Eid Milad-un-Nabi the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad which is one of the main religious festivals in the year for Muslims. The evening was organised by ADAB who do an excellent job in helping the Asian Community in Bury.
On Wednesday I attended a meeting of Bury Council when it was announced that Councillor Wayne Campbell who is presently Leader of the Opposition is to resign his seat after 25 years service because he has taken up a new job with Six Town Housing (this is the organsiation that manages and maintains local authority housing in Bury). To serve the Community for a quarter of a century is a great achievement ~regardless of Party~ and I am sure he will miss the cut and thrust of the Council Chamber.
On Thursday evening I was over in Bolton at the Last Drop Hotel where I attended a fund raising dinner in aid of Bolton Conservatives where the guest speaker was William Hague M.P.
I even won a prize in their raffle a box of House of Commons mint chocolates and a bottle of Cava!

Vote for Change Today

I am not used to rising shortly after 5am but today is THE DAY ie polling day and so it means an early start. The polls open at 7am and are open until 10am. I urge everyone whereever they are in Bury to use their vote today and vote for your Conservative Candidate.

Not surprisingly I have spent the last couple of days campaigning. On a very wet Monday morning we had another visit from William Hague MP who helped us campaign in Ainsworth in Radcliffe North Ward.

On Tuesday after camapigning all day I managed to get a couple of hours off to attend the Kenyon Cup Final at Gigg Lane which is a long established competition between the smaller local amateur teams. This year Old Standians played Little Lever from Bolton and after drawing 1-1 at full time Little Lever won on penalties.

Yesterday, after campaigning I attended a meeting of Bury Rotary Club where the guest speaker was Bury’s Town Centre Manager Lisa Durkin. Lisa gave an excellent presentation about the challenges which face Bury during a time of rapid change.

William Hague MP at Manifesto Launch

I attended the official launch of Bury Conservatives’ Local Government Election Manifesto by William Hague MP this morning. After the usual round of photos we all then went down to campaign in Unsworth Ward. Last year Unsworth Ward produced what must have been one of the closest results anywhere in the Country with the Labour Candidate winning by just 4 votes.

Yesterday, I visited the Chantlers Pre-School Charity to discuss their plans for a new building. Then in the afternoon I was out helping our team campaign in Ramsbottom.

On Sunday afternoon I attended the Civic Hall in Radcliffe for a celebration of the birth date of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad organised by ADAB.

North West Conservative Conference

I am now back in Bury after a busy couple of days which began with David Cameron’s visit to Bury. After a private meeting with Councillors we walked over to the Market where we met some of the stall holders and David was able to enjoy some Bury Black Pudding. He even bought one to take home.
Sue and I then drove over to the Reebok Stadium in Bolton where we attended a lunch for Party Members which David Cameron attended. The Conference was then formally opened and David Cameron made the openin speech and answered questions from the floor.

The next session was with Shadow Chancellor George Osborne MP during which my colleague from Bury South Councillor Michelle Wiseman made an impressive speech explaining how the current problems in the housing market were affecting residents in her constituency.

On Friday evening we attended the Conference Dinner where I have to say the food was a great deal better than it was last year. Actor Paul Nicholas attended the Dinner and circulated with guests.

On Saturday the Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague MP was the main attraction and treated Conference to an excellent and witty speech that was up to his own incredibly high standard. I had the tricky task of being the next speaker after William and I used my speech to outline the developments we have made in Bury North over the past year.