William Hague visits Bury

William addressing the meeting

I attended Whitefield Golf Club last night when William Hague MP, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, was the special guest at a reception organised in aid of my colleague Michelle Wiseman’s campaign in Bury South.

William met with guests and gave a short speech about the exciting time we face in British politics in the weeks ahead. His message was simply that we cannot go on spending one pound out of every four that we do not have and so we have to borrow it.

Today has been dominated by the fact that last night Susan slipped down on the ice whiilst we were out walking CeeCee on his last walk of the day and injured her left hand in particular her thumb was not operating. It was no better this morning and so we decided a trip to Fairfield would be sensible. Not surprisingly given all the snow and ice around there were many others with similar complaints waiting to be seen and a wait of 2 to 3 hours inevitable. The result once Susan was seen was that the ligaments in her thumb have torn and they bandaged it up. Sue is booked in for a return visit next week. I fear it could be a while before the ligaments are repaired. It is a nuisance but when we see the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti we realise that our small trials and tribulations are nothing when compared to the terrible situation facing the Haitians.

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  1. Were you ever a journalist, you did that with a deft touch.
    One question, do you have the permission of the Right Reverend Bob Bibby to ‘attempt’ to replace ol’ Dave Chaytor?
    Get his permission, he got crazy power.

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