Friends of Conservatives

Last night I attended an Eid Party organised by the Muslim Friends of the Conservatives held at the Radcliffe Civic Centre. The event was well supported with, I am told, over 400 people in attendance. The principal guest speaker was Saj Karim MEP and there were several other speakers including myself. In addition to the Council Leader Councillor Bob Bibby several other local Councillors also attended. I spoke about the importance of faith and the Conservative principal of trusting the people.

Today, in addition to dealing with various emails and items of correspondence I have been out helping to deliver our latest Conservative newsletter.

European Election Thank-you Meeting

David Nuttall, Azmat Husain, Saj Karim MEP, Councillor Bob Bibby

David Nuttall, Azmat Husain, Saj Karim MEP, Councillor Bob Bibby

It is all too easy for politicians to be around before an election and so it was a pleasant change that yesterday evening Saj Karim MEP who had visited Bury before the European Election paid a return visit on Sunday evening to an event organised by the Bury Conservatives Muslim Forum. Saj thanked everyone for their hardwork during the election and gave an outline of the work he does in the European Parliament. He confirmed that he had been re-elected as the Group Whip.

Over 130 attended which I thought was quite impressive on a Sunday evening. There were several supporting speakers including Councillor Bob Bibby, the Leader of Bury Council, myself and also Azmat Husain who is Vice Chairman of the North West Area Conservative Muslim Forum

Lib Dem MEP Defects

One of the two Liberal Democrat MEP’s for the North West has today defected to the Conservatives. Saj Karim was elected at the last European elections in 2004. I know many Muslims in Bury will have voted Liberal Democrat because Saj was on the Lib Dem list and I trust they will realise why he has chosen to give his support to the Conservatives and take the Conservative Whip in the European Parliament.