Friends of Conservatives

Last night I attended an Eid Party organised by the Muslim Friends of the Conservatives held at the Radcliffe Civic Centre. The event was well supported with, I am told, over 400 people in attendance. The principal guest speaker was Saj Karim MEP and there were several other speakers including myself. In addition to the Council Leader Councillor Bob Bibby several other local Councillors also attended. I spoke about the importance of faith and the Conservative principal of trusting the people.

Today, in addition to dealing with various emails and items of correspondence I have been out helping to deliver our latest Conservative newsletter.

Eid and Epiphany

On Friday evening I attended and addressed the Eid celebration organised by the Asian Development Association of Bury (ADAB) at the Elizabethan Suite in Bury. After some great food there were several speakers including the present MP’s for both Bury North and Bury South. Then we heard an excellent singing performance from one of Bury’s great young talents Charmaine Foster and I sincerely hope her career continues to progress.

Yesterday, in common no doubt millions of families across Britain Sue and I spent a few hours packing away all the Christmas decorations. Then it was time to follow the progress of the third round of the FA Cup and Bury Football Club again did the town proud with a draw at Chamionship side Norwich City. Unfortunately I have a meeting scheduled for the evening of the replay so I doubt I will be able to attend but I will certainly try and get along even if I can’t make the whole game.

Today is, of course, Epiphany, the twelfth day after Christmas. As this year it actually falls on a Sunday the service at St Anne’s Sue and I attended focused on the Epiphany.This afternoon we have been down to the gym for a swim and I am going to spend the rest of the day continuing with the preparations for completing our tax returns which need to be in by the end of the month!