Good news this week for local road-users who will benefit from a dedicated £2.069m pothole fund which is part of a £1.2 billion fund for local roads the Government is allocating to councils to help repair roads and pavement.

This funding has come from the new National Productivity Investment Fund, announced in the 2016 Autumn Statement and the Pothole Action Fund.

I receive lots of complaints about the condition of our local roads and with all the demands on local government spending this latest dedicated funding for roads and pavements should help.

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One thought on “Potholes

  1. Interesting – went to Malta, fabulous new roads, brilliant tunnels – naf all traffic. Our driver said all this was paid for by the Europen Union. Their president is of course the EU rolling 6 month chap who said ‘we’ shouldn’t get a better deal after Brexit. Well maybe not but at least we might fill in few potholes – cheeky fellah. P.S try wandering sometime to the South East boundary of your patch if you REALLY want to see what cavernous holes look like (and have been that way for 30 sodding years)

    1. Yes Charlie
      Best for Britain Best for Bury has had a hollow ring to the logo for the same amount of time, and this is from a Eurosceptic blogger !!

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