CeeCee – Panic Over.

We have just had what can only be described as a “major incident” involving CeeCee. It all started late yesterday evening Sue and I were out walking with CeeCee along the lane where we live when some fireworks (which were to celebrate Bury’s town-twinning) were let off – loud bangs and CeeCee was startled he broke free from Sue who was holding him and off he ran. Sue was injured in the process as CeeCee had pulled her into a tree and Sue now has several cuts and bruises on her face.

We began an immediate search and I have to say a very big thank you to all the neighbours who joined in despite the lateness of the hour. CeeCee was sighted in the area of Harwood Golf Club and so the search was concentrated in that area. Sue and I continued until 1.30am without success. We decided to try and get some sleep although I think we both knew it would be nigh on impossible. By 6am we were both up and out searching again. Once more family and neighbours joined in. We did all sorts of things to try and spread the word that CeeCee was “at large”. Around midday Sue and I were both back home to have a review meeting and a hot drink – neither of us having had anything all day such was our determination to do all we could to find him. Then amidst all the calls that were coming in came the crucial call someone had found him exhausted in their garden in Harwood. PHEW! What a relief. We immediately set off to recover him.

Unfortunately he was not his normal self. His paws are worn and he was naturally frightened and I guess rather confused. I could tell he was pleased to see us though even though he was so weak his tail wagged a little. He was unable to stand so we carried him to the car where I gave him a couple of bowls of food as I knew he would have missed his morning meal. he ate it all up which I took to be a good sign. I then took him straight to Pennine Vets at Harwood which fortunately was very close by. They were excellent with him. Two nurses came out to assess him and we then carried him inside the surgery inside his pet tube and he was examined by the vet. Fortunately the diagnosis was not too bad. He has worn his paws out and the vet said he just needs lots and lots of TLC to get back up and normal again. We brought him home and carried him into the porch where his den is and as I write he is in there curled up and hopefully recovering.

Before the emergency yesterday had been a pretty standard day. I had been to the dentists and then addressed the Leavers Service for Tottington Primary School. 41 pupils were leaving their Primary education and I urged them all to make the most of all the new opportunities that would be on offer at their new schools in September.