Soggy Saturday

Sue and I took CeeCee to his dog training class in Bury this morning. I think it says alot about the outlook of local folk and dog owners particularly that despite the heavy rain the class was still as full as usual. I have to say I don’t think CeeCee was all that keen especially when he had to go into the down position and get his undercarriage wet!

Despite the rain I decided that because of the ice and snow over Christmas I had not been able to get to see a football match I would go down to Gigg Lane and watch the Shakers play Aldershot. After falling behind to an early goal Bury went in 1-0 down at half time and I feared the losing run might continue. However the Shakers battled well in very difficult conditions in the second half and equalised to secure another point in their push for promotion.

Last day of recess

I don’t know if other people suffer from the same problem I have but all my life I have always had the problem that during any holiday period when I have been at home I always reach the last day with lots more left to do than can be reasonably fitted in the time available. Nothing vital I guess but at the start of the Christmas recess I had a rough idea of what I would like to achieve during the recess and with Parliament reconvening tomorrow I still have several tasks I would have liked to have completed. Never mind. I have done most of the essential items and anyway trying to tidy my study is a bit like the job of painting the Forth Bridge.

I have been busy this weekend fitting in as much as I can. Mainly jobs around the house before my attention becomes fixed again on Parliamentary business. Yesterday morning we took CeeCee down to his dog training class. Because of the snow and the Christmas and New Year holidays it has been about a month since our last class but CeeCee performed about as well as could be expected ( although I have to admit he was a dismal failure at the fun test of trying to bring a sausage back that was thrown for him to retrieve. It was gone in a moment! ).

This morning I attended St. Anne’s church in Tottington where it was the Parade service. We had a good attendance particularly of the cubs, scouts, brownies and guides.
And so another calendar year gets underway.

Happy Birthday CeeCee

CeeCee on his second birthday with his new toys

This morning Sue and I had attended the Requiem Mass held at St. Joseph’s R.C. church in Bury for Margaret Robinson who sadly passed away last week. Margaret was a tireless worker for charity and especially Bury Hospice and she will be sadly missed.

Today is CeeCee’s second birthday and he has celebrated with some new toys and lots of treats.

UPDATE CeeCee is delighted that the Labour Party have done a u-turn and dropped their ridiculous plans for a dog tax that would only have penalised responsible dog owners.

Local Area Partnership meeting

On Monday evening I attended a meeting of the Ramsbottom, North Manor and Tottington Local Area Partnership held at Tottington Methodist Church. Various reports were given including an update on the children’s centre and the latest crime statistics from the police.

Yesterday I joined in with some doorstep canvassing when as usual there were more people out than in but those we did find in were more than happy to chat. You can never draw conclusions from just one session of canvassing but from all the canvassing done in recent weeks it does seem that peoples views about the parties are beginning to crystallise and many people who gave the benefit of the doubt last time to Tony Blair do seem reluctant to support Labour again. I suspect that many of those who say they are undecided will probably not vote at all. We know from the last election that around one third of those eligible to vote chose not to do so.

Yesterday afternoon in between taking three blind and partially sighted persons to their social afternoon at Walshaw Sports Club I attended the funeral of the father of Khalid Hussain the Conservative Candidate in Redvales Ward who had sadly passed away on Sunday. I spoke to Khalid who whilst naturally very upset was comforted by the fact that his father had not suffered.

This morning in addition to attending morning Communion Sue and I took CeeCee to the V.E.T.’s for his booster injection. At lunchtime I attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Bury where as the scheduled speaker was unable to attend I stood in at the last minute and spoke on the subject of the working of polling companies. This afternoon after a meeting with my agent I have been out helping with our leaflet deliveries.

CeeCee 20 months birthday!

.20m old 16Nov09 003

Today CeeCee is 20 months old so as I have not mentioned his exploits for a while I thought I would update regular readers and devote a post to him.

The main development is that he is currently excluded from his training classes as a result of, shall we say, an incident where he bit one of the smaller dogs!! I was not there at the time but I am informed that the two dogs had been happily training together side by side for most of the evening until out of the blue CeeCee decide to ‘have a go’. He now has to attend one to one classes on his own! I have to say that the training school – the Elton Dog Club now Wagga Wuffins -where we go are excellent and have really helped us enormously in dealing with him. Elton Dog Club became Wagga Wuffins when they moved to their own premises in Britannia Mill Samuel Street in Bury where they have 4000 square feet of purpose built indoor training and activity arena. They really are superb facilities and the knowledge and expertise of the principal trainer Jane Ardern is first class.

The list of things CeeCee has damaged around the house grows weekly – sometimes almost daily! The list includes television remote control, coffee table, dining room table, yesterday a pair of curtains became the latest casualty as he pulled at one of the curtains during one of his favourite games of tugger. 99% of the time he quietly poddles [not sure that is in the OED but if not it ought to be!] around and provided we keep an eye on him all is well. The trouble is the other 1% the mad moment, the unguarded minutes ( or even seconds) when he senses an opportunity for mischief.

Having said all that we wouldn’t be without him!

Well done England!

England today finally secured a win against the Aussies at Lords for the first time since the 1930’s. With three more Tests to play England now have a great chance to reclaim the Ashes.

Talking of cricket I am off on a few days holiday to watch Yorkshire at Scarborough. Sue is going to stay and help CeeCee recover.

Norwich North

CeeCee recovering

CeeCee recovering

I paid what literally was a flying visit down to Norwich to help campaign in the Norwich North by-election where polling takes place next Thursday. I was working in one of the City Wards where there was a reassuring amount of support for the Conservatives considering that our strongest areas are further out from the City. There was a surprising amount of support for the Green Party, and a core of voters still supporting Labour. The Liberal Democrats seemed to be doing less well than they often do in by-elections. I will be interested to see whether my snap shot view bears any resemblance to the result.

CeeCee Update
First of all on behalf of Sue and myself can I thank all those who have enquired about CeeCee’s well being. The latest position is that his paws are still very sore and he is not able to go on his usual long walks. I am pleased to say he is however gradually getting back to normal. He can now at least walk and he is eating and drinking normally.