I was delighted to have been re-adopted as the Conservative Candidate by the Bury North Conservatives on Sunday and the campaign has now begun in earnest this week.

As I wrote when the election was called I do not intend to update every day during the campaign because every day follows a pretty similar pattern. Get up, campaign, eat, sleep, Repeat.

Parliament is officially dissolved today so there are no more Members of Parliament and I have been busy taking off any references to me being a Member of Parliament off this website and other sites.


2 thoughts on “Re-adopted

  1. Excellent news.. As regards your ‘blogs’ – perhaps when you do write you could indicate what are the primary issues that voters raise with you? I’m just curious, for us here at home, it’s Brexit. You will get our vote because you have been a staunch ‘leaver’. (as well as a respected person, dah dee dah)

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