Re-adoption Meeting

Rather unusually Bury Conservatives because it is a snap election Bury Conservatives will be holding their special meeting today. I will be seeking adoption as their Candidate for the election on June 8th. All across the Country there has been a flurry of adoption and selection meetings as constituency associations rush to secure a candidate. A candidate will also be selected to contest Bury South.

When I returned on Thursday I attended the preview evening of the Bury Art Festival which is organised in aid of Bury Hospice. It is always well worth a visit and this year is no exception. On Friday I had my last day of surgery appointments and casework in the Parliament.


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5 thoughts on “Re-adoption Meeting

  1. Good luck with the re-selection & election. On balance I feel you have been an honorable/trustworthy and responsible MP, thank you. Sadly the voting public have very short memories, and some would vote for a banana if it represented a party! Unlike your predecessor, a custodial sentence will not be appropriate (that would a joke if it were not true, amazingly)

    1. Well a true least we will get back to proper bent bananas when we Brexit !

  2. I will have to speak to Cumfy Bus in Southport myself then. Doubt if the Lords have ever heard of them

  3. Dear Mr Nuttall
    Have I been given misinformation about the the Bus Services Bill ?
    Although this Act having been given Royal Assent I believe Councils are banned from creating their own local bus services. An improvement on aspects of the 512/13 service for one. From not being given Roayal Assent one day , it has been given the next day. Is it simply a case of wading through volumes of verbiage that the true facts are buried there rather than be clear for all to read. ?
    B Hulme

    1. The Bus Services Bill has been given Royal Assent. It is now the Bus Services Act 2017.
      It does not give Councillors the power to set up new Bus Companies using Council Tax payers money.

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