Re-adoption Meeting

Rather unusually Bury Conservatives because it is a snap election Bury Conservatives will be holding their special meeting today. I will be seeking adoption as their Candidate for the election on June 8th. All across the Country there has been a flurry of adoption and selection meetings as constituency associations rush to secure a candidate. A candidate will also be selected to contest Bury South.

When I returned on Thursday I attended the preview evening of the Bury Art Festival which is organised in aid of Bury Hospice. It is always well worth a visit and this year is no exception. On Friday I had my last day of surgery appointments and casework in the Parliament.


5 thoughts on “Re-adoption Meeting

  1. Dear Mr Nuttall
    Have I been given misinformation about the the Bus Services Bill ?
    Although this Act having been given Royal Assent I believe Councils are banned from creating their own local bus services. An improvement on aspects of the 512/13 service for one. From not being given Roayal Assent one day , it has been given the next day. Is it simply a case of wading through volumes of verbiage that the true facts are buried there rather than be clear for all to read. ?
    B Hulme

  2. Good luck with the re-selection & election. On balance I feel you have been an honorable/trustworthy and responsible MP, thank you. Sadly the voting public have very short memories, and some would vote for a banana if it represented a party! Unlike your predecessor, a custodial sentence will not be appropriate (that would a joke if it were not true, amazingly)

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