How Labour view local elections prospects

The Conservatives have Conservative Home – a website for activists and supporters which anyone can access – it includes news links, commentary and analysis on issues  which are generally related to Conservative policy and the prospects for the Conservative Party. Labour have an equivalent although I do not pretend it is an exact copy  or that it is intended to be but it does seem, to me at least, to serve a broadly similar function. The Conservatives have a monthly survey to find our the views of readers and Labour List appears to have a weekly survey.

The survey for last week (3rd April) asked the following question: ‘Should Labour be aiming to make gains in May’s local elections at this point in the electoral cycle?’

I can not imagine why anyone thought it was worth asking such a question. Clearly the individual or individuals involved must have thought that it was a legitimate question to be asked and must have thought that there was such a doubt about the responses that it was worth asking. The clear inference is that they must expect at least some of their readers to be of the view that Labour should not be trying to make any gains!

Regardless of the time of the electoral cycle surely it must be the aim of every political party to try and make gains. There are after all thousands of seats up for election.

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  1. On Tuesday 4th April a major trade union held a meeting with a large group of Bury voters. They assisted them with issues that had arisen the day before. They made their lives a little better, the message – it pays at times of crisis to be in a TU that looks after it’s members. Presumably the attendees will also be influenced in how they vote in forthcoming elections. Wonder if the survey picked that up.

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