Besses Ward by-election

After my visit to The Sundial yesterday and some time on cases in the office I was pleased to be able to relax by attending the Bolton North East Conservatives Association Supper Club where my colleague the Shipley MP Philip Davies was the guest speaker. Today, I am going down to help out in Bury South where there is a by-election being held next month in the Besses Ward where the sitting Councillor has stood down. Apart from the election for the Elected Mayor for Greater Manchester there will not be any other elections in Bury on the first Thursday in May this year.

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5 thoughts on “Besses Ward by-election

  1. I don’t envy those people deciding what is ‘a manageable amount of responsible an skilled people’ who will be allowed to live and work here, and then working out how to implement it.

    What is a ‘manageable amount ?
    How do you decide who is ‘responsible’ ?
    How do you decide who is a ‘skilled person’ ?

    I know I have asked Mr Nuttall before but are you now any more able to let us know when you anticipate net migration will fall below 100000 per annum.

    I am not looking for a precise date – perhaps with the benefit of knowing how these things are being discussed in the government you could at least say whether it will be

    1. Before 2020
    2. Before 2025
    3 Before 2030

    As I recall this was also a promise to the electorate that I am sure the government would intend to keep.

    1. Jim,
      Normal interviewing procedures should as a minimum be used along with genuine documenta
      ry evidence of skills and qualifications as we would be subjected to will be expected to be applied.
      Also the promised figure made by Cameron on immigration was ” 10’s of thousands.

  2. Thank you for this. What is your opinion on the latest report that Boris is backsliding on free movement of immigrants after Brexit. Fake news or another broken promise by your Party ?

    1. There will be no free movement once we have left the EU you can rely on that. There may be an implementation phase depending on the exact terms of the deal. The PM has made it clear we are leaving the EU and taking back control of immigration policy. No broken promise just a promise that will be delivered on once we have left the EU. One reason why people voted to leave the EU was taking back control of immigration and there is no question in my mind if the free movement of people being allowed in the long term after we have left the EU.

      1. Thank you for that Mr Nuttall. I feel reassured. I have no problem with a manageable amount of responsible and skilled people being allowed into OUR country.

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