Yesterday after questions to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions the Bus Services Bill completed its final stages in the Commons. I chaired a delegated Legislation Committee which considered a new Statutory Instrument which will set targets for certain public sector bodies as to how many apprentices they should employ.

Today questions are to Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary and then it is anticipated there will be a statement on the ongoing deadlock in the political situation in Northern Ireland. The House of Commons will then consider the amendments made by the House of Lords to the Neighbourhood Planning Bill followed by a debate on the situation in Yemen which was allocated by the Backbench Business Committee. Talking of which I will be attending a meeting of that this afternoon.

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  1. I trust you will be making the point that British arms are being used against the civilian population of Yemen by Saudi Arabia, our supposed ally. We are therefore complicit in ‘the situation’. Britain’s association with this corrupt and inhumane regime is shameful. It is high time we used any influence we have to the good, rather than to drum up money-grubbing trade at any cost.

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