UKIP Minus One

The United Kingdom Independence Party have had a difficult time of late. At the last general election they lost 50% of their Members of Parliament and failed to make a single gain anywhere – despite all the forecasts and speculation. The delivery of the Conservatives manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on our membership of the European Union and respect the result has somewhat dinted their ‘Unique Selling Point’. With the departure of the UK from the EU it is difficult for them to identify their USP now.

Then there is the problem of the leadership. Regardless of ones view of Nigel Farage few would doubt that he is a charismatic character and was the one person who the general public could be able to name as a UKIP politician. Since his most recent departure the leadership has been a problem. The election of Diane Evans lasted longer than her leadership. Her replacement Paul Nuttall (no relation) failed despite being leader in his bid to gain a seat in Parliament. One of their chief funders Aaron Banks has quit to form a new political party of his own and now a new loss. Their sole MP Douglas Carswell the MP for Clacton has resigned and has said he will sit as an independent. It is difficult to see how they are going to break out of this downward spiral.

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  1. You’ll never persuade the political elite (no not you Mr N – the Eton Crew) to alter the ‘system’. They no best NOT. Farage is divisive but has a disgusting habit of being annoyingly right. He’s also a LEADER. Did you not notice during the terrible tragedy of last week how many so called leaders fled the ship as soon as possible. I wonder how many had the ‘fight’ as against ‘flight’ in their blood on that terrible day. You lead people you manage things – we need a leader, at the minute Mrs May is a half good manager. Time tells.

  2. Also, do remember that, at the last general election, UKIP totalled more votes than the SNP, LibDums and Greens did, COMBINED – 12.5% of the electorate – yet only secured ONE seat, as compared with the total of over 60 seats gained by those with fewer votes. One could almost argue that this is a good case for abolishing the first-past-the-post system.

    1. One SHOULD argue this point. It is unfair now more people (if not enough ) are more politically aware.

  3. Watch this space.
    Do not forget that The referendum result was due to Cameron’s bluff that got called.

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