London Attacks

Proceedings in Parliament yesterday started with Prayers as usual and that was followed by a minutes silence to remember the victims of the terrorist attack on the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday. The Prime Minister then made a statement on the latest position which can be read here:

The Business Question followed and it was announced that the business that was being dealt with at the time of the attack will now be resumed next Wednesday.

Today Parliament is getting back to normal. The roads around Westminster were deserted yesterday as the police cordoned off the streets around Parliament. I had to access through the Chancellors Gate entrance at the House of Lords end of the Palace. This morning I was able once more to walk along in front of Parliament and enter my office block in the usual way. Sadly overnight news has emerged that the number of victims increased as another 75 year old man has died as a result of the injuries he sustained.

The main business in the Commons today is the consideration of Private Members Bills and there are, as usual at this stage of the Parliamentary year dozens on the list. The first is the Local Audit (Public Access to Documents) Bill which seeks to widen the category of people able to inspect the accounts of local Councils and a whole host of other public bodies.

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  1. No doubt additional measures of security will, quite correctly be instigated at “the Palace” ! Hmm; given that the previous most vulnerable access point was weakly protected, it would be a good idea to review other very high profile sites as to how ‘vulnerable’ they are. Maybe a line to M/s Cressida Dick (surely not) the appointee to the next police type highly paid person might be appropriate. Mean while us poor mortals will remain “vigilant” – I can tell you I’m in a state of vigil every time I wander through Bury?

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