Parliament Attacked

There is obviously a very great deal I could write this morning but I have much work to do after yesterday’s terrible events so I will just make a few brief observations and explain how I was involved.

My first thoughts are to remember the families of those who lost the lives and in particular the Policeman who lost his life. One can only begin to imagine how they must feel this morning. Also the injured who are in hospital with serious injuries.

As I set out yesterday I was due to attend a meeting of the Procedure Committee in the afternoon and so just before 2.30pm I arrived at Committee Room 5 for the meeting. we were meeting in private as we were discussing a draft report which will be published in due course. We knew a vote was due shortly and sure enough after around 10 minutes the division bell went and the Chairman asked us to be back in 10 minutes after the vote. I left my papers and ipad on my desk expecting to be back in a few minutes. I went down to vote where we were told three votes were expected so rather than head back to the Committee Room I went to my place in the Commons. It was at this time that I detected things were not quite as usual in the Chamber and seconds later the Deputy Speaker who was chairing proceedings at the time suspended the sitting. I have never known a sitting to be suspended right in the middle of a division so it was clear something serious had taken place. Fortunately I had my phone with me and gradually news began to filter through of the events outside the Chamber. Shortly after the whole building was locked down and those of us who were in the Chamber were kept there for just short of five hours before we were released. My phone soon began to run low on power. I had not expected to be away from the charger for that long.

Shortly after the sitting had been suspended business was abandoned for the day and the sitting was adjourned at 3.20pm

I understand proceedings will open with a minutes silence today and after the normal question time ( International Trade and Women and Equalities)  I expect there will be a statement from the Prime Minister followed by questions.


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  1. When someone dies in your arms you never (believe me) forget the infinite detail of those moments. Your trauma I can appreciate..The police mans family I feel real empathy with. Such pain for them. No doubt lessons will be learn’t, like why was this officer at the now stated most vulnerable point, unarmed? As Westminster you/they can do something about it. There are many lessons to learn!!

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