Talk of an early general election has been swirling around Westminster for some weeks now but the PM’s spokesman appeared to rule one out yesterday To be fair the Prime Minister has always said she intends to continue with the mandate given to the Conservatives less than two years ago and carry out the remaining pledges which were in the manifesto. Whilst the delivery of the manifesto is the main object of every government the government of Theresa May has of course another task the delivery of Brexit – respecting the outcome of the referendum on our membership of the European Union. It was announced yesterday that the official notification under Article 50 will be given a week tomorrow on March 29th. Meeting the PM’s longstanding promised deadline of the end of March. B-day – Brexit day – March 29th.

Yesterday the Prisons and Courts Bill was given an unopposed Second Reading and will now proceed to be considered in detail in a Public Bill Committee. Today, the main business is the remaining stages of the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill. I chaired the Committee stage of this Bill which reforms the law of unjustified or groundless threats as it applies to patents, trademarks and designs. Threats to sue for infringement are unjustified where they are made in respect of an invalid right or where there has been no infringement.

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4 thoughts on “B-Day

  1. Nah – it’s called democracy, it’s only 2 years ago since we had a General Election. Ohh and give Scotland it’s referendum – to be held in Autumn THIS year, if they vote for separation (let’s stop calling it Independence) it’ll cut short the racist chants against the English. We can then bring the orders for the Frigates back to Portsmouth 5,000 jobs back. If it’s a hard exit from the E U W.T.O rules will apply to Scots goods. So start building Hadrans wall (more jobs) the money that would have been spent extending HS2 to Edinburgh will comfortably pay for it.It won’t stop the moaning though, that’s cultural..

    1. Sounds like a plan !
      Where would you harbour Trident ?
      And perhaps Trump could build the wall !!

      1. I’ll have to learn to spell Hadrian!! I hope the Scots DON’T vote to separate to be told what to do by Brussels (Scotland as a financial fact will need support) My Scottish grandparents would be heartbroken – BUT that will be their choice. Trident needs a deep water port, where an Island – the SNP if victorious will evict it anyway. Trump could probably assist with the capital (at a competitive rate) for the wall. Wouldn’t put it passed him. Maybe one or two of the multi-millionaire ‘Sirs’ could cough up.

  2. I think the decision not to have a snap General Election is a mistake that the Conservatives may rue in 2020.

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