Prisons and Courts Bill

The main business in the House of Commons today is the Second Reading of the Prisons and Courts Bill which seeks to modernise the Courts and legal system by making it easier to use new technology, places a greater emphasis on rehabilitation of prisoners and seeks to restrict damages for whiplash and similar claims after road traffic accidents. I expect most of it to be welcomed on all sides but I have my reservations about Parliament interfering in the ability of civil Courts to award damages for injuries suffered as a result of the negligence of someone else. I appreciate the desire to stamp put fraudulent claims but there are already a number of measures in place to achieve this and I think further time should have been given to see if these measures were successful before taking further action. Whilst some people may exaggerate their injuries or make fraudulent claims it does not seem right to punish the majority because of the actions of the minority.

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One thought on “Prisons and Courts Bill

  1. I suspect that in this case the majority would in fact benefit by significantly reduced insurance premiums, rather than suffer some kind of punishment. And no doubt there could be potential to make exceptions if justified.

    I note your principled objection – did you take this approach when limits on compensation available to those suffering discrimination when dismissed were proposed.

    Forgive me I forget the details- something related to Tribunal awards.

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