Brexit Bill Passed

Yesterday the Commons reversed the amendments inserted into the Brexit Bill relating to the rights of European Union citizens and having a ‘meaningful vote’ before any final deal is concluded by majorities of 48 and 45 respectively. Larger than when these matters where considered the first time around and much larger than the government’s notional majority. The Bill was then taken straight back to the Lords where by very large majorities they failed to impose any new amendments to the Bill and so the Bill was passed by the House of Lords in exactly the same form as it was passed by the Commons which is what is required before a Bill can go for Royal Assent. Royal Assent is likely to be given very shortly possibly as early as today. This will then clear the way for the Prime Minister to give the two year notice to the European Union under Article 50 of decision to leave before her self imposed deadline of 31st March. We are on track.

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5 thoughts on “Brexit Bill Passed

  1. Amazing that those who voted for Brexit in order to regain sovereignty are aginst a ‘meaningful’ final vote on the terms of the deal. Self-contradictory – but then Brexiteers are not known for their clear-headedness. Do you not yet see how you’ve been conned?

  2. Sorry – but yawn yawn. If your backside where on fire, you (MP’s) you couldn’t find a bucket of water to put it out in. It’s taken 9 months to go nowhere! Bodes well NOT Why have we an un-elected second house full (850 isn’t it) of people who have long since lost any credibility, men who go around in a dress! At the very least it could be proportionate to the elected house.

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