Today we reach the final stages of the legislative process on the crucial bill required for the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50 and give the European Union two years notice of the fact that we will be leaving. The two amendments which have been made to the Bill by the House of Lords are scheduled to be voted on by the Commons and if they are overturned then the Bill goes back to the Lords to see if they will accept it as we originally sent it. This is often referred to as ‘ping-pong’ as Bills can pass backwards and forwards until one House gives way. As the democratically elected House – and in this case with the backing of the referendum result too – I doubt the Commons, in reality the government, will back down. It will be an interesting and momentous week.

Officially the main business in the Commons today is the third day of debate and the budget but I rather suspect the votes on the Brexit bill will receive somewhat more coverage.

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  1. My mother was a Scot. So for some reason I feel it’d be a tragedy if Mrs Sturgeon succeeded (strewth that woman is annoying). I can see that the landed gentry (Queen no less) would really be whizzzed off BUT what about us mere ‘little’ English – what’s in it for us? If Trump can build a wall – a Haydron wall rebuild is nothing. Saves extending HS2 — Bit of a shame but we can always lend them a few quid at good rates of course.

  2. Mr Nuttall, Do you think the people of Scotland, through their Parliament, are right to want to determine their own independent destiny, free from the shackles of Westminster, with a referendum in the near future, and in light of the Brexit referendum ?

    1. From the evidence of the opinion polls I do not think the SNP reflect the majority opinion in Scotland but it is no surprise they are pushing for another referendum.

  3. If nothing this process highlights the INCREDIBLE inefficiency, never mind the effectiveness of government. From June 2016 to now to STILL be thinking of triggering the start. Wow, if the house of parliament was on fire (god forbid) it would take you lot a month to find the door!!

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