Many thanks to all those who took time out yesterday to chat with me during my walkabout on the Chesham estate. It is always valuable to hear from residents and see their problems at first hand. Following the walkabout and surgery I held a thank you event for local charities with a presentation from The Big Lottery.

4 thoughts on “Walkabout

  1. Didn’t miss key – just thought I’d change my E Mail address! Chesham – nearly there – suspect the ‘dickie bird” estate is your patch, have a walkabout on that bit. You still haven’t made my boundary (you are ‘my’ MP) But I still get mail from Mr Jacke Berry. Neither of you are brave enough to drive a car through the 3rd world roads we have to live with.

      • Excellent. Having walked around it many a time I totally agree it needs ‘improvement’ . I suspect the local constabulary can advise them on who/where to start and you still haven’t had a drive on our roads.

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